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creative thinking


Want to awake some creativity? We offer a variety of workshops to practice and develop creative, critical and collaborative thinking. We can also facilitate a public debate with your team, group, or community or run any public philosophy project.


Explore Big Questions with your pupils through philosophical inquiry. Invite Lukasz to be your 'philosopher in residence' at your Primary or Secondary School. Let's arrange a series of sessions or weekly classes and together we will practise reasoning, creative, critical and collaborative thinking and the art of fruitful communication. We can also run teacher training about inquiry-based learning, equipping your staff with tools for thinking together. We teach how to think well and not what to think.


creative arts


Using different natural materials like stones, crystals, cones, shells or sand together we'll create a beautiful mosaic - a mandala. We draw a design and fill it up with colours and shapes. Lots of tactile sensations make it incredibly fun for younger kids too. Everybody works as a team, being focused and involved in the task. Our mandalas create a natural sense of community and are a perfect centrepiece of any event

We also design murals to mark the uniqueness of your community, always trying to involve everyone in the creative process. We also offer consultancy, and creative workshops to develop your community's ideas into reality.

rhythm & dance


Drumming is fun. We incorporate a lot of games into the drumming playshop to make people drum. Everybody gets to share their rhythmical spirit, even if they think they can not do it. We use the selection of different drums and percussion instruments from around the world. Playshop is an interactive and fun way of connecting people and unlocking creativity. Playing the drums creates a happy community and togetherness from the very beginning of the session. 

We can also learn Samoan Sasa and create a slap'n'clap story based on a traditional Polynesian dance.



Experience amazing soundscapes of gongs, singing bowls and other relaxing instruments. The experience of a sound bath is usually very refreshing and creates space in the mind for being more focused, productive and creative.

Mindfulness, stress management and emotional intelligence seminars are also available and we can advise your team, community or school about how to enhance well-being within your organisation and the physical space you are working in. 

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