Enhance critical, creative and collaborative thinking

Philosophical inquiry and inquiry-based learning for children, young people and adults.

creativity matters

We are creative beings. Creativity is human nature, whether you organise your home or try to solve world problems, the same skill applies - coming up with creative ideas.

For the last 10 years, we've explored creativity through different arts and fun group activities in many settings - primary and secondary schools, afterschool clubs, youth clubs, corporate and community events.

community matters

We are social beings. Within a healthy and happy community, we thrive. We learn from others, inspire and support each other. Happier community, happier world.

At the heart of what we do lies the well-being of every community, whether it is a group, school, family, team, festival or just a circle of people to have fun with and to explore creativity.



Enhance critical, creative and collaborative thinking.

Philosophical inquiry and inquiry-based learning.


& dance

Empower your 


Tune in to each other. 


Have fun creating your own rhythm, music and dance.



Connect through creativity

and arts.

Create a unique and unforgettable piece of art as a community.



Unwind, rest and become more mindful.

Relax with a sound bath and awake your creativity within.


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