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thinking together at home and school

Creativity resources for families

At Creative Together we are happy to provide an online resources section with some fun activities for you to do at home. We hope to expand our series of short videos to inspire thinking at home and having fun while at the same time practising creative and critical thinking.

Education is not only maths and English and remembering facts, but also problem-solving, creative thinking, understanding and synthesising knowledge. We hope to inspire you and your family to practise some of these skills together. 

Visit our blog for some tips on how to talk to your child about some of life's big questions!

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ThinkTanglers P4C Cards


Our cards were created for parents, guardians, and educators who want to take up interesting topics of a philosophical nature with their children, spend some quality time together and deepen their relationship. Our cards are great fun, encouraging exciting and important conversations about big ideas while awakening children's imagination, and practicing their ability to express themselves and to reason. 

ThinkTanglers were published by Outside the Box Learning Resources in 2022 Ireland. They have also been published in 2023 by Academicon (Filozofuj) in Poland as Filosupełki. 

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resources for teaching / doing philosophy at schools




We are delighted to offer a free download of a book by Jarosław Marek Spychała explaining his unique approach to teaching philosophy in schools, and his original method called ΛΕΓΩ-ΛΟΓΟΣ (LEGO-LOGOS). Finally available in English. 

You can read our conversation with the author on our blog.

More from the author available here.

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