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Thinking time for the family


Enrich your family time with creative and critical thinking.


Our cards were created for parents, guardians, and educators who want to take up interesting topics of a philosophical nature with their children, spend some quality time together and deepen their relationship. Our cards are great fun, encouraging exciting and important conversations about big ideas, while awakening children's imagination, and practising their ability to express themselves and to reason. 


Philosophical fun in the classroom

If you want to break your school routine with a bit of creative thinking, our cards are great conversation starters for any primary school classroom. Just allow some thinking time once a week and engage children in some reflective thinking. 

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Check out our new Home Knots Toolkit for reaching out beyond the classroom and embedding reflective thinking deeper in your pupils' lives. 



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NEWS: our cards will be published in Australia this year!




to enquire together

original and colourful cards

fun for everyone
7  years of age and above

unlimited ideas and conversations

Look inside

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What do they say about the cards?

Andrea ThinkTanglers 1 FINAL.png

"The dialogue, conversations, and debates were priceless on the many well-thought-out questions. There were many philosophical discussions going on and great excitement about getting to discuss their chosen question, ‘Can you eat a colour?’ provoked much thought and discussion. One lad said, ‘Not a chance - can’t ever see a colour go extinct just like the dinosaurs!!'"

Kevin McArevey (featured in the acclaimed Young Plato documentary),

the principal of Holy Cross Boys' Belfast

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