My name is Lukasz Krzywon, I was born in 1979 in Poland. I live in Co. Mayo, Ireland since 2004. I am a philosopher, artist, musician and educator. I work as Travel Officer for Green-Schools Ireland and as SEAI workshops facilitator. I've been teaching in all possible educational settings, from early childhood to adult education. Some of you might remember me as Little Rainbow Academy Ireland. Over the last ten years, I've delivered hundreds of various workshops and worked on different events, effectively interacting with thousands of people.


For the last 25 years, I've practised mindfulness and other meditation techniques. I am participating in the men's movement in Ireland, empowering men and educating them about emotional intelligence. Together with my wife, Kasia Slabon, I work as gong player for Sound Magic Ireland. Together we also run Mindfulness Haven Galway studio. We raise two beautiful boys. Kasia is a Mindfulness Teacher, Massage Therapist and Sound Practitioner. She is trained in Massage in Schools Programme and Mindfulness. She also studied Childcare and Play Therapy in Ireland.


I've obtained an MA in Philosophy (2005) and I've been accredited a specialist with the Philosophy Foundation in London since 2014 to do philosophy with children and young adults. I've also trained with Philosophy Ireland and Erasmus + on P4C and The Enquiring Classroom. I am an editor for Polish Philosophy Magazine Filozofuj! writing about Philosophy for Children (P4C) in Poland. I'm also a published author. My most recent book (Academicon, Poland, 2019) is a handbook for educators about facilitating philosophical inquiry with children. I'm an active member of SOPHIA  European Network of Advancement of Philosophy with Children. 

I am also trained as a manual therapist and First Aider. I hold diplomas in Childcare, Special Needs Assistant (FETAC 5) and Play Therapy Skills (FETAC 6),  Neuroscience of Education. I am also a Certified Teacher of Yoga for Children and Qi Gong Instructor and Sound Practitioner, I've completed dozens of other courses over the years.

I have learned drumming and facilitation skills with the grandfather of modern drum circle movement Arthur Hull, and I represent Village Music Circle in Ireland. I am trained in traditional Samoan slap dance Sasa by Chrys Blanchard, an amazing facilitator from the UK. I am also a self-taught visual artist both in traditional visual arts like painting and graphic designing, with exhibitions in Poland and Ireland. I never stopped learning.

happier generations happier communities



My mission is to support the integrity of the families, local communities and any team of people, by creating unique opportunities to spend quality time together in a creative and fun way.  I work towards:

- multicultural integration, social inclusion, positive mental health and happier generations.

- better communication in the modern, multinational and multicultural society of Ireland.

- more creative Ireland.


I actively promote well-being, healthy lifestyle, respect towards others and nature, arts of all kinds. Arts such as music, drama, drawing and painting, crafts, philosophy, etc., are an important part of children's developmental process, but they also should be part of every individual's life. We believe that there is much need for more play, games and physical activities in all of our lives.  Fun is the key to get children's interest when introducing them to new ideas, so we always work on interesting and funny ways to work with the younger generation. Similarly, with adults, we believe that the inner child is still there and needs nourishment too.

Ever since I was a little boy I have always been a creative person with hands on everything I could try. Music, crafts, painting, drawing, recording music, photo and video editing, carving spoons, writing books, you name it... After studying all aspects of human nature for the last 20 years, I have discovered, that the main patterns and scripts of our lives begin in the early years when we develop our personality. The way we were treated when are were children and the opportunities that arise during this time, create our personality for the whole life. With this knowledge and the natural gift to form good relationships people, I decided to work with kids, teenagers and adults to help develop their natural talents and abilities, to create unique opportunities for them to learn in this rapidly changing world. I love working with teenagers, adults, teachers and parents to build stronger bonds within the families and communities they belong to. I am also deeply concerned with positive mental health and well being of all generations.

When working with children I'm following all the rules and national guidelines for good practice, always thinking of children first. Their safety is of great importance to me. I'm regularly Garda vetted and will be happy to go through the process of vetting for any event that requires so.


M: +353 85 1386537   


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