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Working with schools since 2011

Creative Together is working with schools in Connacht and all of Ireland since 2011. We have been bringing fun, creativity and philosophy to many primary and secondary schools.

We've worked on a variety of projects: school murals, drumming classes, school ceremonies, philosophical enquiry in classrooms, and mental health days. We've worked with thousands of children across the country. 

Creative thinking in schools

Creative thinking in schools

Creative and philosophical thinking in primary school

Creative and philosophical thinking in primary school

P4C Ireland

P4C Ireland

Drumming workshops for schools

Drumming workshops for schools

Wellbeing at schools in Ireland

Wellbeing at schools in Ireland

Our offer 

At Creative Together we aim at supporting the creative spirit in your classroom school. We offer a variety of class-based activities or on-site art projects. We focus on the four main areas: creative thinking and philosophical enquiry, art projects, drumming and rhythm, and well-being. We always tailor our workshops and programme to the needs of your school and follow all the national guidelines on best practice when working with children and young people.

CPD for teachers

We also offer CPD training for teachers who'd like to implement more thinking time in their schools. We offer an Introduction to P4C, philosophical enquiry with children, and a course on Thinking Moves (Metacognition made simple). These are available either online or in person.

Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

Creative Schools

We are on the list of artists working through the Creative Schools programme. You can apply for funding and invite us to work with you through the scheme. Learn more about the scheme and how to apply here.






& dance








I found the programme to be very beneficial to the children involved. It encouraged them to become good thinkers, good listeners and to be confident individuals. Each session lasted an hour but the discussion that the lessons raised often spilt over this time as the children were very engaged by each topic. Philosophical concepts and schools of thought were presented to the children at their own level and were used as a springboard by which the children could engage in critical thinking and reasoning. The nature of these lessons encouraged the children to share their views and to listen to the viewpoints of other children too. By the end of the teaching block, even the shyer children in the class were taking a more active role in the discussions, as they were more confident in themselves and were not afraid of giving a ‘wrong’ answer. I found Lukasz to be a very good teacher, as he encouraged the children to think independently and look for their own answers. He was always extremely prepared for each lesson and was very professional.

Joe Mahon, Principal, The Neale National Schol

We had LuKasz in our school for a drumming circle and sound bath. The children really enjoyed the sound bath it was amazing to introduce them to the power of sound. The drumming circle was a fabulous experience for all staff and pupils. I would highly recommend Creative together and look forward to working with them again on other projects.

Majella Lenon, Kilbannon National School 

I cannot rate or recommend Lukasz highly enough, he came to our Naíonra in Tourmakeady and truly transformed the whole feeling of the garden there, he brought the garden to life with the 5 senses and the children just love it. From fairies to treemen & chimes, 3D ladybirds & bees his imagination & talent is simply amazing! He is also one of the nicest friendliest guys you could meet, it was a pleasure to work with him. If your looking for murals for your home/ creche/ school don't go any further, because you will get a whole lot more than you could imagine!!!! First-class service!

Sheila Barker, Chair of Parents Committee at Tourmakeady Play-School

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