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Set of 56 cards + 1 card of instructions to stimulate interesting conversations with a philosophical twist at your home, school or group. Each card contains starting question with additional questions at the back. 3 cards in the set contain helpful questions to take conversations further. Great resource for your P4C classes.

*FREE SHIPPING IN Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

When buying these cards you're not only getting a product but you also support the author and a small Irish business.


Size: 10 cm x 15 cm

Weight: 340 g


If you need VAT invoice or for bulk orders please order directly from our publisher here - 

Think Tanglers Cards Set

  • Our cards were created for parents, guardians, and educators who want to take up interesting topics of a philosophical nature with their children, spend some quality time together and deepen their relationship. Our cards are great fun, encouraging exciting and important conversations about big ideas, while awakening children's imagination, and practising their ability to express themselves and to reason. 

    Philosophical fun in the classroom. If you want to break your school routine with a bit of creative thinking, our cards are great conversation starters for any primary school classroom. Just allow some thinking time once a week and engage children in some reflective thinking. 

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