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A truly talented and dedicated teacher who brings lots of fun and attention into everything he does!

Norah Coyne

We can't recommend the drumming sessions with Lukasz of Little Rainbows Academy highly enough. They were the highlight of our Home Education Conference held recently. Kids and adults of all ages were involved and highly entertained in this lively, interactive session. Lukasz was highly engaging and managed to draw out everybody in the group. It was fun and we even sounded great. There was a large selection of beautiful African drums and loads of other intriguing and wonderful instruments to try. We did some choral voicework too which was fabulous and really memorable. Thanks a million. We'll definitely be booking them again in the future! Go raibh maith agat Lukasz!


Wonderful, transporting and healing session last night, thank you so much! My son Noah (5 years old) said: " that was so wonderful, so relaxing!".

Johanne Webb.

We recently had the pleasure of working alongside Lukasz in our school. Our playground was beginning to look dated so we contacted him requesting his help in painting a mural in our playground shelter. The artwork he created exceeded all our expectations!

Taking inspiration from the children’s drawings, Lukasz painted a 3D art piece on the side of our shelter and shed (visible to the main road) featuring local landmarks and scenery. For the interactive rocket mural, “Mission Apollo Glencorrib” Lukasz cut discs for the children which they painted with images that represented their hobbies and likes. These discs were then stuck onto the windows of the rocket. He spoke to the children about the message that was sent into space on golden plates on one of the Apollo project missions, and explained that this would be our message from Glencorrib NS! The mural was made interactive with the addition of a binary code game, to create the launch code for the rocket, and a tree (painted with the help of the children) with 5 hooks attached for which the children cleverly came up with their own game.

We are delighted with our new mural and our playground has certainly been given a new lease of life! Lukasz was very professional throughout the whole process and had a great way with the children.

We look forward to working with him again in the future!

Orna Friel, Principal Glencorrib NS

Flexible, competent and engaging are some of the many good words to describe your service. Had you in Kilbride Community Centre, Roscommon for Roscommon's first-ever Youth Work Fair and your mandala created a perfect environment for interaction! Simple, but brilliant! 

Críostóir Ó Scala

Lukasz is really dedicated and sincere. He cares deeply about what he does. We've attended a few of his events over the past few years and we've enjoyed them all. We've watched Lukasz grow - he is always seeking to improve on the range of what he offers and overall delivery - and I see him going from strength to strength. Working with Lukasz has made a holistic difference in our lives. Go for it, you've nothing to lose and everything to gain!!


I found the programme to be very beneficial to the children involved. It encouraged them to become good thinkers, good listeners and to be confident individuals. Each session lasted an hour but the discussion that the lessons raised often spilt over this time as the children were very engaged by each topic. Philosophical concepts and schools of thought were presented to the children at their own level and were used as a springboard by which the children could engage in critical thinking and reasoning. The nature of these lessons encouraged the children to share their views and to listen to the viewpoints of other children too. By the end of the teaching block, even the shyer children in the class were taking a more active role in the discussions, as they were more confident in themselves and were not afraid of giving a ‘wrong’ answer. I found Lukasz to be a very good teacher, as he encouraged the children to think independently and look for their own answers. He was always extremely prepared for each lesson and was very professional. I would be happy to recommend Lukasz for the teaching of philosophy in primary schools, as the children found it very enjoyable and it helped to develop their critical thinking skills.

Joe Mahon Principal of the Neale NS

This session wasn't tricky. It was mind-blowing !

J.D. 13 ys old attending Young Minds

I look at your work with great admiration!!! It's just simply wonderful, and it has a very positive impact on the participant's body and soul, and it opens their minds for a more universal way of thinking.


I cannot rate or recommend Lukasz highly enough, he came to our Naíonra in Tourmakeady and truly transformed the whole feeling of the garden there, he brought the garden to life with the 5 senses and the children just love it. From fairies to treemen & chimes, 3D ladybirds & bees his imagination & talent is simply amazing! He is also one of the nicest friendliest guys you could meet, it was a pleasure to work with him. If your looking for murals for your home/ creche/ school don't go any further than Little Rainbow Academy because you will get a whole lot more than you could imagine!!!! First-class service!

Sheila Barker, Chair of Parents Committee at Tourmakeady Play-School

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